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Longer Term Projects

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I make films about wildlife, people and and photograph many things not necessarily wedding related…

Longer Term Projects

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Rockbeare Manor, Devon

Longer terms projects provide a more interesting way of working with a client, they also bring cost advantages from both sides and the improved communication can help all parties to fully understand potential issues and streamline ways of working.

Deeper involvement and the ability to see progress are motivational and spending time at the location allows a deeper view, and ultimately better, more useful images for the client.

Some of these images from Rockbeare Manor in Devon appear elsewhere on the website, but many remain unseen, except by the client.

This project started around 04:45 am on a September day. The property was initially visited as soon as it had been acquired to become a new conference and wedding venue. Subsequent visits show rooms that have been carefully and authentically re-furbished until 'fully guest ready'.

No additional lighting has been used for these images.